Within the next decade, pharmaceutical imaging, pharmacogenomics, pharmacoepigenetics and individualised medicines will be amongst the most challenging topics. International competitive research activities in these fields need optimised computational tools for data mining, data management and transformation of data to knowledge. This prompted a group of scientists to establish EUROPIN - a structured, highly interconnected training through research PhD program on the efficient and innovative use of information technologies and computational approaches in the drug discovery, design and development processes. Supported by a grant from ERASMUS-Mundus, the EUROPIN PhD Program finally started with 10 students on Oct 1st, 2009, at 7 European Universities.

The curriculum addresses the field of knowledge management, one of the main bottlenecks identified in the drug discovery and development process. It offers a comprehensive training schedule that allows the PhD-students to communicate with - and learn from - a broad panel of experts in the field. Embedded in a pan-European framework in the field of Pharmacoinformatics, our students receive strong competences in all aspects of computational methods necessary for successful application in Pharmacy and Health Sciences. Within summer schools and workshops, experts from pharmaceutical industry and SMEs are invited to present their needs and the current state of the art in the field. Training in enabling skills, such as fund raising, project management, and entrepreneurial spirit, completes the program. Quality assurance and continuous evaluation by an external advisory board from Industry assures a dedicated and top level program.

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